Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

In December 2011, the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa was introduced to facilitate family reunification. The Super Visa is a multi-entry visa, valid for 10 years, that allows parents and grandparents (and their spouses or common-law partners) of Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents to come to Canada as visitors for a period of up to 2 consecutive years at a time.

This allows the visitor to travel freely to Canada from their home country and eliminates their requirement to re-apply for Temporary Residence visa. This program is also useful for applicants who await approval of their Permanent Residency application through the Family Class Sponsorship program. The approval rate for the Super Visa remains high at 85% with more than 20,000 issued so far and approximately 1000 per month.

The Super Visa application process requires only the following:

  • A letter of invitation from the child or grandchild residing in Canada
  • Documents that the child or grandchild meets the Canadian Low Income Cut-off minimum
  • Proof of relationship to the child/grandchild
  • Proof of medical insurance for 1 year with a Canadian insurance company and immigration medical examination

The application will be assessed with regards to a number of factors including, the purpose of the visit to Canada, as well as whether parents or grandparents will maintain sufficient ties to their home country. This can be evidenced by showing family ties, finances, and other connections that lie outside of Canada.

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