Landmark Law's Client Kits

Landmark Law is committed in providing all of our clients with transparency, a stress-free and simple process for their matters. Please refer to the different categories of Client Kits we have available for the different types of matters that you may require assistance with below:

Wills and Estates Client Kits:
  1. Standard Mirrored Wills and Power of Attorneys (Property and Personal Care) [Click Here]
  2. Complex or Uneven Distribution Wills and Power of Attorneys (Property and Personal Care) [Click Here]
  3. Dual Wills (Primary and Secondary Wills) and Power of Attorneys (Property and Personal Care) [Click Here]
  4. Probate or Letters of Administration Application [Click Here]
  5. Guardianship Application (Guardianship of Property, Guardianship of the Person/Personal Care and Guardianship of Minors) [Click Here]

Real Estates Client Kits:

[Residential or Commercial Properties; Private or Institutional Mortgages]

  1. Purchase of Resale Residential Property [Click Here]
  2. Purchase of Residential Property from Builder [Click Here]
  3. Sale of Real Property [Click Here]
  4. Refinance [Click Here]
  5. Title Gift Transfers [Click Here]
  6. Survivorship Application [Click Here]
  7. Purchase Pre-assessment of NRST Rebate Eligibility [Click Here]
  8. Assessment of your NRST Rebate Application [Click Here]
  9. Non-Resident Speculation Tax Rebate Application [Click Here]
  10. NRST Rebate Notice of Objection [Click Here]
  11. NRST Rebate Notice of Appeal [Click Here]

Corporate Client Kits:
  1. Business Incorporation (Company Formation including Professional Corporation Set-up for Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Lawyers, etc. - Incorporating, Nuans Name Search/Reservation, Filling Initial Return, Minute Book, By Laws, Share Certificate, etc.) [Click Here]
  2. Business Administration (Company Name Change, Annual Returns, Amalgamation, Dissolution, Minute Book Updates, etc.) [Click Here]
  3. Contract Drafting or Review (Shareholder Agreement, Shareholder Loan Agreement, Employment Contract, Commercial Contracts, Partnership Agreements, etc.) [Click Here]
  4. Commercial Lease (Lease, Sublease, Assignment, etc.) Drafting or Review [Click Here]
  5. Negotiating Your Agreement [Click Here]

Family Client Kits:
  1. Domestic Contract Drafting or Review with Negotiation (Cohabitation Agreement, Marriage Contract, Separation Agreement, Paternity Agreement, Family Arbitration Agreement, Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement, etc.) [Click Here]

Litigation Client Kits:
  1. Estate Litigation [Click Here]
  2. Family Litigation [Click Here]

General and Other Services Client Kits:
  1. General Consultation and Inquiry [Click Here]
  2. Notary Service [Click Here]
  3. Commissioning Service [Click Here]

Remember to check out our reasonable and transparent fee quotes from our Cost Calculator (Click Here) or view it immediately below from the embedded cost calculator:

Note: the quote you obtain from our online calculator is an estimate and is intended to serve as a guide of the approximate amount of your matter. Sometimes there may be other associated fees depending on the specific circumstances. Such as banking fees, non-standard-title searches, realtiweb fees, lender charges, software fees, etc. for real estate transactions. Likewise, government fees and title insurance fees are also subject to change. Essentially, the quote from our online calculator provides our clients with an approximate cost for their matters.