Winnie Luk

Principal Lawyer


Landmark Law was founded by principal lawyer, Winnie J Luk, who desired to launch a community-oriented boutique law firm to help others with legal concerns in a warm and caring environment.

Winnie is the principal lawyer advising on Landmark Law’s practices in real estate, wills and estates, business law, and the firm’s other legal areas. She gained a variety of legal experiences in securities, investments, corporate, and real estate large law firms and in house with a major insurance provider and real estate developer in Toronto, Brampton, and Hong Kong. She has acted on international and multi-million dollar transactions for listed companies to the necessary legal work for people in the community.

When a client asked what she loves most about her practice, her response is “**meeting people, and helping them.**” Not only does she enjoy helping clients, she teaches legal topics in a non-profit setting and has several students under her wing in addition to professional staff.

She is pleased to launch a virtual law practice to provide the team with a better life away from an institutional setting where Landmark Law’s professional staff and students learn and engage remotely with each other through a variety of virtual communication systems, and cloud-based tools.

Winnie obtained her J.D. and M.B.A. from the joint program at Osgoode Hall Law School and Schulich School of Business. Prior to that she obtained a B.A. in Commerce at the University of Toronto. She is proud to be a business owner and resident in Markham, one of Canada’s fastest growing and multiculturally diverse communities. She is a nature lover who enjoys canoeing, hiking, and slacklining. She enjoy spending time with her busy toddler, family, and friends.

Articles by Winnie:

Sophie Zhang

Articling Student


Sophie is a motivated professional with a passion for law. She graduated cum laude from Albany Law School in December 2022.

Prior to her legal studies, she earned an Honours Bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto, double majoring in Criminology and Equity.

Beyond the legal realm, she is an avid outdoor enthusiast. During her spare time, she finds joy in activities such as skiing and hiking.

Hongqi Clinton Liu

Articling Student


Clinton is an ambitious student-at-law and joined Landmark Law with a profound interest in common law.

He obtained his Master's in Canadian Common Law from Osgoode Hall Law School and his LL.M in Commercial Law from University College Dublin. His journey began in China, where he earned his LL.B and B.A and he also gained valuable legal experience in finance, insurance, and litigation.

Clinton's passion for common law drives him as he embarks on this exciting new chapter, armed with a global perspective and a commitment to shaping his path in the legal realm.

Selina Hanna



Selina is a highly motivated and determined intern at Landmark Law Professional Corporation. Before assuming her role as an intern, she commenced her journey as a Cooperative Education Student at Landmark Law.

Selina is characterized by her unwavering dedication in all aspects of her life, consistently delivering exceptional results through diligent and focused efforts.

Throughout her tenure, she has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, making significant contributions to uphold the firm's needs. Her aspiration is to further cultivate a diverse set of transferable skills derived from her invaluable legal experiences, thereby fortifying her foundation for a successful future career.