Picking up your New Keys and Moving!

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Congratulations and welcome to your new home shortly!

Typically, your keys will be available:
(for pre-construction homes) after 3:30pm at the construction trailer or sales office
(for pre-construction condos) after 3:30pm at the site management office or concierge
(for resale home or condos) before or by 5:00pm at your lawyer’s office
For pre-construction home or condo, you should confirm the actual time that the keys will be released prior to booking your moving truck.

For resale home or condo, consider moving at least one day after the closing day. According to the typical Agreement of Purchase and Sale, the seller is normally permitted to stay until and finish moving out by 6:00pm. For resale condos, the service elevator must normally be booked before 5:00pm and a security deposit is normally required. Only if you have confirmation that the keys, vacant premises, and service elevator booking will be available, may you consider moving in at an earlier time.

You may consider visiting the home or condo on the night of the closing day to conduct last minute clean-up before moving in.

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