Using an Ontario will in China

Many Chinese Canadians keep their familial ties with families, relatives and friends in the mainland China. These close ties often entail some real properties or other assets in the country. However, the Chinese Canadians usually make their wills in Canada which are written in English or French. Let me share with you the process of using a Canadian will in the mainland China.

The Process
Your estate trustee must get the Ontario will probated in Canada. The probate certificate is a solid evidence that your will is legally enforceable in Canada.

Neither English nor French is an official language of the mainland China. English or French documents must be translated into Chinese. Only in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are both English and Chinese the official languages. Wills in English or Chinese will be accepted in Hong Kong.

Whenever you use legal document overseas, notarize it by your experienced estate lawyers like Landmark Law. Notarized documents will also be authenticated by the Ontario Government. Finally, the documents will be legalized by the Chinese consulate in Toronto or Chinese embassy in Ottawa.

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Disclaimer: The following information is intended as general information and not to be read as legal advice. Please seek legal advice from qualified legal professionals.

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Winnie J Luk, BA, JD, MBA, founder of Landmark Law, is a seasoned Ontario lawyer practicing in Wills and Estates, Real Estate, and Business Law and frequent speaker of free legal education seminar.