Assets that Do Not Affect ODSP Entitlement

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By: Winnie Luk

The following are some payments that may be made by the trustee on behalf of the beneficiary without affecting his or her entitlement to Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP):

  • Principal residence
  • Secondary property approved for health/wellbeing
  • Primary car
  • Second car up to $15,000 for loved one’s dependent, if dependent needs it for work
  • Approved disability-related items/services
  • Compensation from pain and suffering ($100,000)
  • Business assets ($20,000) + tools of trade
  • Loans for approved business, education, training
  • Prepaid funeral
  • Payments of up to $5000 per year on loved one on ‘comforts’ (radio, TV, clothing, extra food, recreation, entertainment, extra rent)

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Winnie J Luk, BA, JD, MBA, founder of Landmark Law, is a seasoned Ontario lawyer practicing in Wills and Estates, Real Estate, and Business Law and frequent speaker of free legal education seminar.