Just A Minute - Podcast Episode 16: Family Law Considerations Part 2

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[00:10] Welcome to a new episode of “Just A Minute” by Landmark Law. Today’s episode is presented to you by Abi on February 24th, 2023 to help educate our listeners on various legal scenarios.

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[00:21] Today’s episode will be a continuation of Family Law considerations.

[00:26] Another structure that we sometimes observe is in situations that involve couples with blended families. Blended families involve spouses in a second marriage and have children from their first marriage that are not common between spouses of current marriage. So, children that are not blood-related/lineage descendants to one or both spouses. In those situations, the individual tends to be more concerned that their blood/biological child will not inherit when the testator passes away. We typically see in those cases that the Will maker will provide for a life interest in the matrimonial home to the surviving spouse with the remainder interest left to their blood children. Doing so provides the surviving spouse with a place to live during their life, and when the surviving spouse passes away, their portion of the home that belonged to the testator shall go to the blood/biological children.

[01:16] If you are interested in drafting your will, please visit Landmarklaw.ca to learn more, and make sure to tune in for next week’s episode, which will cover Trustee considerations when drafting a will involving minor children.