Just a Minute - Podcast Episode 37: Advance Care Planning Part 1

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[00:10] Welcome to new episode of "Just a Minute" by Landmark Law. Today's episode is presented to you by Vicki on July 21st, 2023, to help educate our listeners on various legal scenarios.

[00:24] Today's episode will be Part 1 on Advance Care Planning. Advance care planning is the process by which you may consider options about future healthcare decisions and let others know of your personal care preferences in the event that you become incapable of consenting to or refusing treatment or other care. An Advance care plan may involve appointing a substitute decision maker for you and preparing an advanced care directive or "living will" to write instructions about your health care. Your substitute decision maker will only be able to make those personal care decisions that you cannot make yourself such as decisions related to medical treatment, housing and food. You might, for example, be incapable of making serious healthcare decisions but still be able to make your own choices about routine day-to-day matters.

[01:14] You may specify that the substitute decision maker is required to get a letter from the doctor before making decisions on your behalf.

[01:21] If the decision is about medical treatment or admission to a long-term care facility, a healthcare professional must determine whether you are incapable of such decisions before your attorney may act.

[01:33] Landmark Law Professional Corporation may assist in your Advanced Care and Wills and Estates planning matters.