Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST) Notice of Appeal Client Kit

Step by Step Guide on filing your NRST Notice of Appeal with Landmark Law

In order to commence our services promptly and facilitate a smooth appeal, please provide the following by the stated timelines. Delays in receiving the information may result in issues and additional charges may apply. Thank you for your cooperation!

Fee Quotes

We are happy to assist with your NRST Notice of Appeal. Our fees are assessed on a time spent basis at $295.00+ HST per hour and any disbursements.

Once you confirm the engagement with our firm, we will extensively review your NRST application package, NRST Notice of Objection and meet with you regularly to discuss and identify issues and weaknesses.  We will then compile, draft and submit a strong appeal on your behalf with the Ministry of Finance.

STEP 1: Getting Started (Immediately)

Please immediately provide Landmark Law with:
[If anything need to be submitted by email to Landmark Law, please email]
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i. Email Two valid IDs
(e.g. Canadian Driver's License, Credit Card, Passport/PR; Health Card not accepted.).
Please make sure to submit a clear "front-side" and "back-side" scan or photocopy of your two pieces of identification.

ii. Remit $5,000 Retainer payable to "Landmark Law Professional Corporation, in Trust" or e-transfer to
If by e-transfer, please provide Landmark Law with the e-transfer secret password.

iii. Complete the Landmark Law's Standard Retainer
PDF Retainer to complete by hand and scanned back: PDF Standard Retainer [Click Here]

iv. Complete Form 1A - Landmark Law's Verification of Identity Form
[Option to either complete online or by PDF]
[To change language between English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, you may select them respectively from the drop down menu on the top right corner of the Form.]

Online Form to complete online: Online Form 1A [Click Here] or immediately above from the embedded Form
PDF Form to complete by hand and scanned back: PDF Form 1A [Click Here]

Note: If there are any missing or incomplete information please submit them as soon as they are available to Landmark Law.

STEP 2: Interim Preparations

Please provide or confirm the following to/with Landmark Law as soon as possible:

i. Your NRST Application and all supporting materials you had submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

ii. Your NRST Notice of Objection and all supporting materials you had submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

iii. Copies of replies and letters from the Ministry of Finance.

iv. All email correspondences between you and the Ministry of Finance in organized sequential order and PDF format.

v. Your summary and detail of timelines and events since the commencement of the NRST application.

vi. Copies of any proof that may support the timeline of events you are describing.

vii. Copies of any other proof that you feel may be supportive of your application/objection/appeal.

Note: After an initial assessment, we are likely going to have more questions for you and will request additional supporting particulars from you.

We will review, assess and prepare your Notice of Appeal for you and go over the same in detail with you prior to submission.

STEP 3: In-Person Signing with Landmark Law

i. Schedule your in-person signing appointment with Landmark Law
[Book the in-person appointment date as soon as possible after you provided all the required materials and received confirmation from Landmark Law]

Book your Appointment: Booking Scheduler [Click Here] or immediately above from the embedded booking calendar

ii. Signing Appointment Preparations:
[Landmark Law will not be able to amend the Documents during the signing meeting, as such the final version must be confirmed in advance of the signing appointment]

  1. Please bring originals of your previously e-mailed identification (2 valid IDs per person) to the in-person meeting for our inspection.
  2. Please wear a mask and bring your own pens to reduce exposure and spread of Covid-19.

STEP 4: NRST Appeal Package Submission

i. Completing and Submitting the Signed NRST Appeal Package - Wait for Updates from Landmark Law - CONGRATULATIONS on your Objection!!!

ii. Remit the outstanding balance to Landmark Law (e-transfer to once you receive Landmark Law's invoice.
[please provide Landmark Law with the e-transfer secret password]

iii. Landmark Law will email you a copy of the submitted NRST Appeal Package.

iv. Landmark Law does not guarantee the success of your NRST Disallowance/Rejection Appeal.

v. If you were happy with our service, we would appreciate a 5-Star Google Review and "like" on Facebook/LandmarkLawPC. Thank you again for choosing and believing in Landmark Law!


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